The Best Shopify Apps for Your Store

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Why "Best Shopify Apps"?

There are many Shopify app lists on the web but we make this website because we find it difficult to figure out which app deliver what features. When preparing the lists, we keep in mind that every business is unique and merchants shall choose the right apps for the online stores based on their own unique needs. To this end we typically do no give personal reviews on apps. Instead of we screen out the best Shopify apps for the purpose based on customer reviews. We analyze the techniques they use and outline the major features that make them the best among the peers.Finally we present the research outcomes with a list of best apps with their features outlined as well as a feature map that enables you to see the difference among the apps at a glance.

How to use this site

You don't have to try out the apps on the list one by one. Doing so may just waste your time. Typically you need only one app from a list to enhance your store. To choose the right app for your store, start by browsing the list of best Shopify apps for a specific purpose. As the key features are outlined for each app, you can then get an idea on what features are available. Consider whether each feature fit your business. When you have get a feature set, you can easily choose the right apps based on the features you want. We recommend you browse all lists to get the complete pictures on how you can enhance your store and boost sales using the best Shopify apps.

On average only 44% of visitors to an online store would reach a product page. Many merchants invest a lot in increasing add-to-cart or chatbot actions but ignore the fact that improving product page views may boost conversions too. While Shipify has built-in navigation and search functionalities but you can still improve them with the apps on this list.
How could you boost conversions? How could you increase sales? As an online store owner you must ask yourself such questions now and then but have no idea on where to start. Browse the most reviewed Shopify apps. Although some of the apps might not applicable to your store, by looking at the most popular apps used by your peers, you can get hints and tips on what new technologies you may consider to grow your business.
Product reviews are important because it's key to building trust and the trust is key to conversion. If you want to bring your online sales to a higher level, you must actively collect product review from existing customers actively and show them to new customers in such a manner that their confidence in your store can be enhanced. While Shopify platform doesn't include a product review feature, there are many apps designed to help you collect and display product review.
There are only two ways to increase your sales: increase the number of orders and increase the average value per order. Cross selling and upselling are the most effective techniques to boost the average value per order. Whatever you sell, cross selling and upselling are applicable to your online store unless you sell a single product.

On average 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. The good news is many Shopify apps can help you recover abandoned shopping carts. If you think the chances of recovering abandoned charts are low, you may want to know even the recovery of a small number of abandoned carts would result in a remarkable increase of sales.